La Sinfonía del Unicornio

Kass, la princesa de la familia real de Snoara, lleva la marca del unicornio; su boda con el príncipe Lim es la única manera de proteger su futuro y asegurar el bienestar de su reino...

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Ties of Magic

Madison Ashford is about to begin her second year in the Van Tassel University, in Boston, Massachusetts...

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The Grim Club

Madison Ashford’s life has completely changed during the last year...

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Stone Curse

After the battle in the Danvers Mental Hospital, two Grim Club members have succeeded in escaping: Gabriel, Michael's brother, among them...

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Red Ritual

Michael managed to elude the curse, but a new force will come between him and Madison, who now travels with Lucy to Ireland because of Galen...

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Night Eternal

After the devastating attack that left its town in flames, the Salem community is in danger of disappearing...

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A Story of Deceit

It tells the journey of Adhara -a teenager whose parents are an elf and a human- to the kingdom of Lesath, where she lives dangerous episodes and discovers gloomy mysteries...

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The Empty Throne

Adhara’s adventure continues along with her friends. The Council of the Darks will strike again soon...

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The Sorcerer’s Court

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Ever After

Luego de derrotar al Concilio de los Oscuros, todo cambió: Lysha se esconde con Goewyn tratando de buscar un futuro pero los recuerdos del pasado parecen ser más fuertes...

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Tiffany Calligaris

Tiffany Calligaris is the author of the Lesath saga and the Witches: Lazos de Magia pentalogy. She has been fascinated by the Disney classics and fairy tales since she was a child. She graduated as a lawyer when she was 24. Her first book, Lesath: Memorias de un Engaño, was published by Grupo Editorial Planeta that year.