Red Ritual

Michael logró escapar del maleficio, pero una nueva fuerza se interpondrá entre él y Madison, que ahora viaja junto con Lucy a Irlanda por obra de Galen…


Michael managed to elude the curse, but a new force will come between him and Madison, who now travels with Lucy to Ireland because of Galen. The red moon is approaching and their lives are in danger; their friends will do all they can to rescue them, but that won’t be the only problem: The black star clan is stronger day by day and the circumstances in Salem could change forever. “Galen grabbed my arm more strongly and rolled up my jacket. I couldn’t stop him. Not while he had the ring, separating me from my magic; I would attack when I had the chance to help Alyssa. Therefore, I remained still while the blade caressed my skin and the blood got lost in the cauldron.