The Sorcerer’s Court

La única ventaja con la que contábamos era que nosotros sabíamos algo que ellos ignoraba…


Our only advantage was that we knew something they did not. The Dragon’s Heart did not make the person who carried it immortal, but it protected that person from any kind of attack, both magical and physical. But bad things came with the good ones. Only a Lisabeth Derose’s descendant, Lady Draconis, could use the amulet without facing consequences. With the Dragon’s Heart in their power, Adhara, Aiden, Zul, and Sorcha head for the kingdom of Eira, where they will find the Ice Sorcerer. Once they get there, and under the instructions of Elar, the Sorcerer, their mission to save Lesath will get to its decisive moment. However, an unexpected fact will connect Zul’s life with the amulet and will lead to a new obstacle in the final confrontation with Akashik.