The Unicorn’s Symphony

Kass, la princesa de la familia real de Snoara, lleva la marca del unicornio; su boda con el príncipe Lim es la única manera de proteger su futuro y asegurar el bienestar de su reino…


Have you heard of the white unicorn and its spiral horn? Or the fire breathing dragon that sails through the skies? What about the cunning nine-tailed fox? And the fire bird that is reborn from its own ashes? In Estarella such creatures are more than fable. They are real. Mythical beasts that roam the lands. Crossing paths with one of them may result in a magical gift or a fatal death. Kass, the princess of the royal family of Snoara, bears the mark of the unicorn. Her impending wedding to prince Lim is the only way to ensure her safety and the welfare of her kingdom. A joyous event that is interrupted when king Landis Ashburn, known as the dragon of Inferness, kidnaps her and thus change her destiny. The catastrophic event triggers unexpected consequences for each of Kass’s siblings: Queen Farah disappears without a trace; Everlen leaves the safety of the castle with an unexpected mission and an unlikely ally, and Keven is forced to sit on the throne that he never wanted. In this odyssey reality becomes deceptive, no one is where they should be, and everyone is in danger.